It’s as Simple as A.B.C.

This information is all about gaining a massive, passive, daily income through the power of cryptocurrency.

A – All About Cryptocurrency (a one minute explanation)

A crypto currency is quite simply an encrypted currency – digital currency. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are often described as complicated and technical. They are not: the core concept is simple to understand.
picFirst of all we start with an analogy. Up until about 100 years ago the people of the Pacific island of Yap used large carved stones for coins. The Yappians used these stones for large expenses such as dowries. Because the stones were so large the islanders didn’t bother moving them about much. They simply transferred ownership. People knew who the current owner was because it was public knowledge. So the stones were usually fixed into place.
This made it difficult to commit fraud, and even more difficult to steal them!
You couldn’t spend someone else’s stone, because everyone knew who owned the stone.
You couldn’t spend the same stone twice because everyone would know.
You couldn’t fake the currency, because to do that you’d need to carve a new stone – which anyone could do anyway.
It was a great system. It just didn’t scale up well.
Cryptocurrency works in exactly the same way, and does scale up.

B – Bitcoin

Here’s a great little video explanation about bitcoin:

Here’s why the yap stones and bitcoin are in effect, the same.
Bitcoins, (the most well known Cryptocurrency) don’t move around. They stay fixed on a public ledger, which is known as the “block chain”.
You can’t spend someone else’s bitcoin.
You can’t spend the same coin twice, because the network keeps the ledger up to date and there’s only one ledger. If you did try to spend it twice, everyone would know.
You can’t fake the currency, because to create a bitcoin you need to break an extraordinarily difficult maths problem. A brand new maths problem is set every 10 minutes. The bitcoins are then ‘mined’ just like getting a lump of gold out of a gold mine and the winner gets a brand new bitcoin as a ‘prize’. The mining hardware and software costs a fortune to both buy and run, so generally it is only the large companies who do this.
Here’s a short info video that explains ‘mining’ far better than I can:

Openness is at the heart of both the Yap stones and cryptocurrencies. Everything is there for anyone to scrutinise, and so anyone can check if a payment comes from the rightful owner. There’s no need for trust between two people in a transaction, because the system removes the possibility of fraud.
That’s it – that’s the core of cryptocurrency explained in 60 seconds.  Of course there’s a great deal more to it, but once you start to understand it, a whole new world of opportunity opens up to you!
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C – Cashing in on the Cryptocurrency revolution

All of this might seem a little strange to you to start off with. Don’t worry about that – we’ll take you through it bit by bit. All you need to know is that you are about to unlock a potential fortune. Cryptocurrency is still in its infancy, and eventually, we believe that it will take the place of paper money and coins entirely. I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember the last time I wrote a cheque. That’s so last century!
Here’s a graphic example of just how good this opportunity is. Below is a video that was uploaded in 2015 when the price of bitcoin was $240. Today, as I write, bitcoin is now over $650. Could you get that return in a bank, or from savings? Could you name anywhere else that could give you that sort of passive income?
Here’s the video:

There’s even more good news – and this is why you need to investigate this urgently.
Our network, Bitclub, is soon to launch its own purpose built Coinpay system.
If you know about paypal, that is a system for taking money from a buyer’s bank, debit or credit card, and giving the seller the cash into their paypal account.
The guys who set up paypal sold out for billions.
Coinpay will operate in much the same way, but instead it will be the gateway from bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) wallets, from the buyer to the seller of goods, products and services, who gets the cash instantly.
As a Bitclub fully paid up member, you will receive FREE shares in the new Coinpay system, launching shortly.
Soon, Coinpay, just like paypal, will be worldwide – and you will have shares in that startup…..that alone could make you wealthy.
That’s’ not all. The bitclub network have bought a holding in software that is owned by the largest bitcoin mining company. This software has been trading successfully for 3 years. Basically, it detects large potential orders to buy or sell bitcoin, and scalps the market. This is all done passively, automatically, with the profits being paid into your account on a DAILY basis.
business-21856_1280It goes even further than that! However, it is too easy to get overwhelmed at this stage. All I can say to you is start the journey with us. We will teach you, guide you and help you. Oh – I almost forgot – if you feel that you would like to make even more income from recruiting people worldwide into this opportunity, but are no good at recruiting – don’t worry. Our automatic social media program with links to your own bitclub network are all built in, which draws people from facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. via a prospecting funnel process!
By all means pass this by. Look for a betting program, a revenue share deal, a mlm network, or a franchise that even comes anywhere near giving you the opportunity to gain
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