Q How much does it cost to get involved with Bitclub?
Just $99 for a lifetime fee. This is payable of course with bitcoin. Then, there are lots of things you can take advantage of – mining pool shares, Coinpay shares (soon) Clubcoins, Trading pool. And so on. The best thing to do is to join as a $99 member, and this will open the gates to everything for you.
Q I don’t have bitcoin and don’t know how to get them
No problems whatsoever – you can pay us how you like (paypal, bank etc) and we will pay the bitcoin for you. We’ve got loads in our wallet
Q Can you help me set up a bitcoin wallet?
Yes, every step of the way. Very soon, you could have your own Swiss/offshore/secret style bank account….
Q So nobody can tell how much is in there, right?
This is the question we get asked most often! Nobody knows it. Nobody can find out how much you have in your wallet. It could be hundreds of bitcoin (and Clubcoin) worth tens of thousands – and it is all yours. Ex-partners can’t see what is in there, the HMRC doesn’t know what you have – nobody knows
Q So how do I spend bitcoin? Is it easy?
Actually it is becoming as easy as buying things on your debit or credit card. In fact, you can easily get one of a variety of bitcoin debit cards which you use like an ordinary debit or credit card. The exchange rate for bitcoin is automatically calculated at the time of the transaction, and the shopkeeper or supplier gets the cash in his account. Simples…..
Q If you could name one advantage of joining bitclub and running with this opportunity, what would it be?
Okay. As a full member, you earn totally passive income, totally privately, every single day in one form or another – so you have the opportunity to become wealthy, once you are really comfortable with it all. How does that grab you?
Q How many members does Bitclub currently have?
As I understand it, throughout the world there are 20,000 members, which is a piddly amount – bearing in mind that almost half of them live in Korea! It is still in its infancy, so no – you haven’t missed the boat.
Q Tell me about the bitcoin trading side of things.
I don’t know the full story yet, but basically, the software (which has been created by the largest bitcoin mining company in the world) trawls the bitcoin orders, looking for large buys and large sells. There is a short period of time between when the order is placed, and the order is announced on the market. If it is a very large buy order, it will inevitably drive the price up, and vice-versa. So the software ‘scalps’ the market, and banks the profits, which you get a share of, but with greatly reduced risk. It is totally passive, and very, very exciting – Bitclub now owns a substantial interest in this advanced, unique software that is way ahead of anything else in the market!
Q Who are you?
I was extremely successful in network marketing over many years – so much so that I was able to retire at a relatively young age. I put my feet up by the shores of the Med for a while, but then got very bored of too much sun and nothing to do. So I started my own networking company. That was 8 years ago, and it is still running successfully to this day. I am mostly hands off, and a year ago I joined Bitclub because I was fascinated about the future of Cryptocurrency and how it is going to completely change the world (like the internet, mobile phones, faxes, playstation, facebook etc) The only difference is that this time I know about this BEFORE it happens, and studied it. In the year that I have been practising it, very part time, I have made over $40,000. so I know it works. This year, I intend to make 10 times that much – and help anyone who wants to learn it properly and work with me to make the income they want too. It is so easy to do.
Q Where do I see this public ledger?
Click Here to go to Blockchain and on there you will see the live latest transactions going through the ledger every single second. You will be astounded at the amounts being bought and sold. Funny isn’t it? It’s about the only opportunity where you actually see in black and white how well your industry is doing!
Q What’s this team social media package that you were on about?
You are looking at it….. it is a totally unique automated social media package, where all the links go to YOUR Bitclub members page. It is a full blog, with articles on your facebook, twitter and linkedin pages, directing them back to you via a fan machine program. Basically it is passive prospecting where you don’t have to lift a finger. How does that sound? Only available to midasteam members so be sure to register using the link below)
Q What’s the downside, or the catch?
The downside is that you need to go through a short learning process so that you actually understand. Many people know what a betting slip is, a bottle of perfume, or some vitamins. Try talking about ‘bitcoin’ and their eyes will probably glaze over, to the extent that they fail to see the most lucrative, passive worldwide opportunity that they have ever come across.
And the catch? Having been paid every day for a year, and having made a lot of money, which has recouped my investment many, many times over, I can’t find one so I have given up looking. I have personally guaranteed to give you, from my Clubcoin wallet, 100 Clubcoin when you become a fully paid up member. This will, without doubt pay for your member’s fee many times over in the future. Hopefully this will be enough to encourage you to jump in and swim with us, rather than sitting on the side shivering.
Simply CLICK HERE and register your interest. I will then contact you for a further no obligation chat about how we can progress together.