The Opportunity:

Would you like to discover the fastest way to true passive income?
Would you be pleased if you could withdraw this income every day, rather than waiting weeks or months for it?
Forget about revenue share programs, and having to click on ads every day. Don’t get sucked into binary options or forex programs on the promise of riches, or great signals. And please don’t lose your shirt on betting programs! As you have probably discovered – these all empty your accounts, and don’t put much back into them!

Here is what we are offering:

bitcoin-logo-3d  Mentoring by people with a proven track record of phenomenal success in the work from home industry, and who know about bitcoin and crypto currency inside out.
  We will teach you all you need to know about the biggest currency revolution the world has seen.
  Should you decide to join us as a fully paid member you will be GIVEN shares in a worldwide ‘bitcoin to cash’ instant exchange system that will probably be as big, if not bigger than paypal (debit/credit cards to cash) etc. (Would you have liked shares in paypal when it began?)
  Have you ever fancied getting in on currency trades that are automatically done for you, from a software system that knows in advance when the market is going to change?
bitcoin-logo-3d  Would you like the extra security of a totally secret and anonymous account in which to squirrel away your increasing profits?
bitcoin-logo-3d  There is so much more we can tell you – but what I am going to say in very blunt terms, is that anyone would be foolish to simply take this on trust. So I will show you visually, online, live, so you can
absolutely verify that everything I am telling you is 100% true!
bitcoin-logo-3d  If I can make over $40,000 in totally passive income in less than a year on literally an hour or so per week– so can you by allowing us to teach you how. Of course you could make substantially more!
***I am so confident that you can succeed with this business, I will personally guarantee to GIVE you FREE of cost, ONE HUNDRED coins in a leading crypto currency, once you have joined and have become a full member ***


Have no doubt that these coins could be worth a fortune over time. This should give you the confidence to take a good look at how we can help you both understand, and gain financially from what is happening. This offer is for as limited period and as you can imagine, we are already starting to get many enquiries, so it is could to be withdrawn at any time. We would urge you to investigate this as soon as possible.

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PS – you do not need to ‘recruit’ people in order to accomplish any of the above. However, we have developed a totally unique passive social media prospecting funnel where everything is done for you, driving prospects to YOUR opportunity. No other organisation, network, franchise, sales program, or online offer has this!
Seriously – do not underestimate the power of what is on offer here……